Tantra coaching in-call (60mins): $300

Tantra coaching in-call (90mins): $450

Tantra coaching in-call (120mins): $580

Benefits of tantra practices:

  • positive self image
  • removing sexual guilt and shame
  • it can help correct many of the common ailments we experience in this culture
  • physical and spiritual awareness
  • helps with low sex drive / libido
  • premature ejaculation
  • deepen the length and sensation of your orgasms
  • and many more

Are you ready to experience deeper connections with yourself and/or your partner, as well as with the Universe? So get yourself prepared to an energized and longer, healthy life, that is rich in both spirituality and sensuality.

The session covers variuos subjects and practices according to your needs, including the chakras, as well as brief notes on healing and sex magic, eye gazing, consciousness, communication, breathing, sublimition, and the orgasm, how sound relates to orgasm, breathing and energy orgasms, and step-by-step guide to energy orgasm.

One definition of Tantra is that it is a body of teachings, a spiritual tradition of bringing the unconscious into consciousness, realising that we are one, an expression of Shiva and Shakti in sacred union. Sacred union starts within, expanding to embrace the marriage of our masculine and feminine aspects, Shiva (pure consciousness) and Shakti (power and energy), into oneness and a connection to all, realizing the divine in all. Tantra is both an approach to life and a spiritual practice emphasizing physical experience.

1 on 1 sessions

Learning tantra may include breathwork, movement, ritual, sound, touch and occasionally sexual touch and connection.

When you learn and practice tantra, you become more in-tune with your body, what gives it pleasure, and the way it feels pleasure. This allows you to pay better attention to your body’s wants and needs and make sure they’re fulfilled.

I came across with Tantra about 6 years ago, after being involved in a road traffic accident. I had no sex drive at all and had very low testosterone level. I was on testosterone replacement therapy. Following the tantra practices I teach I was able to normalize my testosterone level so I could stop the TRT treatment.

Tantra offers a variety of psychological methods for developing greater awareness of our true divine Self. Most gay-identified persons have grown up in a culture that views gay love as unnatural and immoral. These false notions about gayness often get internalized leading to feelings of shame and unworthiness. Most traditional religions contribute to the psychic and spiritual wounding of gay persons by promoting these notions. Many gay persons rightly reject traditional religions as a result, perhaps substituting work, compulsive sex, drugs, or a combination of these.

 Mastering one’s sexual energy takes some practice. I recommend abstaining from porn for a while while mastering this practice and possibly beyond that since it tends to be overstimulating and disconnect us from our physical sensual experience, pleasure and functioning in the long run with overuse. Better to think about an experience you’ve had or use your imagination for self-pleasuring. Regular self-pleasuring without ejaculation builds your sexual energy and vitality increasing your charisma and attraction factor.


Partnered / couple sessions

Would you like to learn tools to be more intimate with your partner? Would you like to reignite the spark between you and your partner, fan your flame of passion, and improve your relationship and daily life while you have a relaxing time away from it all, experiencing and practicing Tantra?

Whether you want to address specific issues in your relationship, learn tantra love and skills for creating more pleasure in your love life, or simply find out what Tantra is about, private Tantra coaching might be what you are looking for.

 We begin our time together by co-designing with you a program specifically aimed at your desires and needs. Neo-Tantra, teaches a set of practices to deepen sexual experience and use sexual energy as a ‘rocket fuel’ for spiritual growth and intimacy.

Workshops and private home events/ small groups

I am based in California, and I also offer private small group Tantra sessions. If you would like to throw a pool party and need entertainment I can help you with that too. Feel free to reach out if you are interested. Service can include catering as well, food that enhances the experience, and also you can learn how to do those treats upon request. Also can include self pleasuring daily ritual teachings.  All it takes is a few minutes of being with yourself and touching yourself sensually and breathing deeply. You can move or rock your hips and make sound moving your Kundalini energy up through your body with your intention and imagination.

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