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About my transformation:

I have struggled with my weight since young age and I was overweight my whole life. I was always way too busy to do any physical activity and I ate so much processed food. I felt I was disconnected from my body. When I started my spiritual journey after a horrible road traffic accident, I felt even though my body was crushed I was awake for the first time in my life. I was so aware of the things I missed on and that I want to treat my body as my temple and to give it what it needs.

I finished my Personal training course back in 2014 and I was working in gyms ever since, been teaching fitness classes and had 121 sessions, and I felt that it was just not enough. I felt I could train my clients as hard as I could but if they do not have the motivation and knowledge to follow a healthy lifestyle, the hardest workout can be ruined. So I am offering a very personal training experience, after a consultation I create a workout according to you likes and dislikes and lifestyle. And also as your personal chef I am teaching you how to make healthy snacks, what supplements to take and how to make the best of your experience with me.

COVID-19 may be keeping us at home, but I am still able to work with you! It has never been more important to stay active, healthy and well. Whether you are new to exercise and looking for guidance for safe and effective workouts, or a regular exerciser looking to tweak your workouts at home to continue to set and achieve new goals, I can help!

What to expect:

Sessions can be done in person in your own home or at mine depending on your needs, and also via ZOOM, Facetime, Skype.

Benefits of the 121 personalised training and nutrition program:

  • Lose weight faster and safer.
  • Experience a complete body transformation under supervision.
  • Improve the tone of your body while becoming lean and fit.
  • exercises for lower back pain and shoulder and neck problems.

As a long-term lifestyle expert I can also deliver an immune-boosting program that makes your body more effective at fighting against disease. I work closely with each of my clients when developing an online program that is perfectly tailored to them.

I look at your current:

  • body weight
  • gender
  • age
  • stress levels
  • activity levels
  • metabolism and fitness level

After you give me as much information as possible, I can start to work on an action plan that is perfectly tailored to your body and goals. As part of an online personal training program, I need to ensure the plan is customised to your unique lifestyle, health, and goals.

The perfect personal training program does not only consist of an exercise plan. Yes, exercise is one of the most critical factors in achieving your goals, however, what you eat accounts for functions in your body – and affects your ability to reach your goals.  As part of my online personal training packages, I want to ensure your dietary habits become complementary toward your goals.


Naked training and Naked chef experience

Also we can train naked so while we work out feel free to strip off I will do the same. I do naked workouts online once a week, small group environment via ZOOM, tickets can be purchased via EVENTBRITE website, but also can be arranged to do private sessions in your own home or at mine.

I do offer the private chef experience, you can learn how to make healthy treats and meals that is helping you make you feel and look good naked.


Just to give you an idea that I understand your struggle, have a look at my transformation.First pic was taken at age 25 and the one on the right is at age 35.

It is never too late to love ourselves and create the life we want to live. I am very happy to help you with your journey.




1 hour online personal training session: $100

A block of 10 sessions: $800



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