Massage training

If you have always been interested in massage, or you have often played with the idea of pursuing an activity that you love on an independent and self-employed basis, or you would like to re-experience the massages and group togetherness, then this training could be something for you. Not only professional masseurs, but also interested non-professionals can profit greatly from this training. They can enhance their knowledge of Tantra massage and gain inspiration from the erotic energy generated. Attended with your partner, the training can enormously enrich your togetherness.

Would you like to reignite the spark between you and your partner, fan your flame of passion, and improve your relationship and daily life while you have a relaxing time away from it all, experiencing and practicing Tantra?

Programs can be longer or shorter in duration, or they can take place over the course of more days — whatever suits your needs best. This is your time, and I am here to assist you to make the most of your experience .

D‍uring these times I am offering online one on one sessions as well, and in person coaching too. Skype, Zoom.

Pricing for the training course, if it is a small group the money can be split between attendees.



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